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We got 3 songs all new and they were made by friend Kenny, (he has best musical ear), but ill make some soon, they really do rock ecspecially deep rock on my favorite really good drums and bass honestly i love the beat of, then if u want techno we got Your Moms Legs, yeah we just want a funny title, but still they are awesome, then Latin Blues Rockin it was a fun song and i love the middle.
Yeah I'm a new artist, but give this a chance, all the stuff was made with mixcraft, so since it got approved i guess thats ok. Just listen to the new songs, they are really awesome not joking. These are the links to the songs
Deep Rock ON /103848
Latin Rockin Blues /104174
Your Moms Legs ( Techno) /103851


PS. New song by my friend he made for fun, it is actually him called STD's which is a camp song /104840